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A Convenience Store POS For Enhanced Speed of Service

Be the C-Store of Choice With Our Convenience Store POS

Consumers see a convenience store (C-Store) as a one-stop shop where they can not only fill their gas tank but also buy food, drinks, household items, and toiletries. Most C-Stores are open late and can provide customers with what they need when needed. What does this mean for your store? You need to be more than the store consumers pop into; you need to be their go-to convenience store. You can accomplish this with an intuitive, fast, and easy-to-use convenience store POS system.

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Gain More Satisfied Customers

To consumers, speed of service is one of the most important factors when shopping at convenience stores. Paradise has designed its C-store POS to support the fast and efficient service your customers demand.

A C-Store POS to Benefit Your Business

We designed our convenience store POS to support the fast, efficient service your customers demand and to make managing your diverse inventory easier.

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Speedy Checkouts

Our lightning-fast POS system enables staff to scan items more efficiently while processing payments quickly, reducing customer checkout time.

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Greater Inventory Visibility

Convenience stores provide the unique challenge of managing a complex array of products and services. The Paradise C-store POS allows convenience store owners to quickly access the information they need.

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Enhanced Customer Experiences

Speed transaction time and eliminate long waits while allowing customers to use their preferred payment method securely.

The POS Features You Need to Run an Efficient Convenience Store

Paradise POS offers vital features and conveniences to you and your customers.

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Inventory Management

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Labor Control

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Loss Prevention & Security

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Gift & Loyalty Program

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Lottery Ticket Sales

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Integrated Payments

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ipad Point of Sale for restaurant
Restaurant iPad POS System

You rely on your POS software for more than entering orders and settling checks for your restaurant — you also need a system you can leverage for inventory management and reporting. Paradise POS developed iPad POS software that restaurateurs can rely on to take accurate orders, improve productivity and decrease costs.

quick service restaurants POS

Quick Service

Streamline operations, keep lines moving, and enhance customer experiences.

fast casual restaurants POS

Fast Casual

Simplify processes to improve payment infrastructure, staffing, and security.

Bar Nightclub POS

Bar & Nightclub

Develop creative food and drink menus with our customizable solution.

Food Truck POS

Food Truck

Go mobile and take orders even when offline with our internet-independent design.

iPad Point of Sale for Retail
Retail iPad POS System

Your point of sale software is the foundation of your retail business, streamlining workloads, from checking out customers to managing inventory levels and running reports. Paradise POS developed iPad POS software that retailers can use to manage business operations better and increase profits.

Rental POS

Rental Service

Gain real-time data, track inventory, and manage accounts quickly and accurately.

Liquor Store POS

Liquor Store

Verify your customers’ ages with our built-in ID scanning and age verification.

convenience store POS

Convenience Store

Speed up checkout, quickly set up pricing, and manage inventory effortlessly.

Vape Shop POS

Vape & Smoke Shop

Quickly scan barcodes more accurately and efficiently while reducing checkout time.

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Why Choose The Paradise C-Store POS?

Our C-store POS simplifies critical aspects of your business, such as sales, payments, and inventory. As a result, C-Store can increase sales and gain faster ROI. Other benefits of using our POS system include

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A Familiar Interface

Easily set up our convenience store POS while streamlining training with our easy-to-use IPad interface that users are familiar with.

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24/7/365 U.S-based Support

Paradise POS includes full functionality to support virtually all merchant types while maintaining competitive pricing. Our in-house tech support ensures your POS avoids downtime.

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Feature-Rich, Yet Afforfable

Our C-store POS offers a robust feature set with all the necessary features to optimize your bar for profitability.

Convenience Store POS System Integrations

Set your convenience store up for success with our C-store POS integrations.

icon of an id | pos to check id

ID Scanning & Age Verification

Swipe a customer's driver's license or state-issued ID to verify the customer's age quickly and efficiently.

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Scale & Barcode Integration

Quickly scan items at the checkout while maintaining accurate stock counts to help keep mistakes at a minimum.

Interested in Learning More About Our Convenience Store POS Software?

It's essential to have a fast and easy-to-use point of sale with the features you need to provide incredible customer experiences. Ready to see how C-Store POS can better serve your business?