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The Loyalty Program Your Customers Will Love

Without the need for 3rd party apps, additional monthly fees, or transaction fees with our built-in program.

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Keep Customers Engaged With Our Loyalty Program

Turning everyday guests into loyal customers is a top priority for restaurant and retail owners. The loyalty program offered by Paradise POS is an effortless way to streamline customer management and enhance the customer experience. Couple that with our customizable enterprise gift cards to experience a complete solution to help grow your business.

Get started today on unlocking your growth potential with a gift card and loyalty program that’s included with Paradise POS at no additional cost to drive better customer retention.

Increase Customer Traffic with our Loyalty Program

In a world where competition for restaurants and retail market share is growing, your business can gain a competitive advantage by offering a customer loyalty program. While gift card and loyalty programs generally cater to current customers, you can also attract new business with an enticing customer loyalty program. Other benefits include:

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Boost Your Brand Recognition

Gift cards and loyalty programs can boost your business, and our custom, full-color cards can have your logo and crucial information front and center. By rewarding customers for their purchases, you show them that you appreciate their business, making them more inclined to continue supporting your brand. Gift and loyalty programs are also a great way to get customers during slower times of the year by giving them a reason to shop.

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Generate More Revenue

Repeat business is the easiest way to keep your operations going. Keep a steady flow of revenue with our multi-level point system to reward loyal customers. You can payout on the ticket or add loyalty balances to your gift cards. When customers feel like they are getting a deal, it can influence them to purchase more.

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Simple and Easy to Use for Both Employees and Customers

Our program allows you to adjust loyalty points or balances at any time. Add customers to tickets with our intuitive search options from first or last name, phone number, loyalty card, or loyalty ID. Points on each customer’s receipt include your customer’s full name.

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No Hassle Checkouts With a Built-in Loyalty Program

The Paradise built-in loyalty program doesn't require the hassle of extra apps or steps. When a customer has points to use, select them on a ticket, and our auto prompt feature on the pay screen allows the customer to redeem points, resulting in a faster checkout. Our system can even prompt employees to ask customers to join your loyalty program, and staff can seamlessly add them to your database.

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Why Restaurants and Retailers Choose Paradise POS

Paradise POS provides restaurants and retailers with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for quicker training and easy navigation. We also provide innovative software customizable to your unique needs, all backed by our 24/7/365 in-house tech support, always available to assist you.

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Get Started On Driving Customer Loyalty With Paradise POS!

Are you ready to boost customer loyalty and drive revenue? The Paradise POS system gives you everything you need to run a successful restaurant or retail business.